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Government regulations are being passed to help improve the quality of water in waterways, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect high producing soils, and reduce nutrient losses from farming activities. 

We’ve been working with farmers and landowners for over 15 years to help navigate the regulations, and work towards a sustainable farming business.


By the end of 2022, every farmer and grower in New Zealand will need to know their on-farm methane and nitrous oxide emissions. Within the same timeframe, we expect legislation to be finalised around the requirements of Farm Environment Plans. In some regions of New Zealand, nutrient budgets will be mandatory while in others the focus will be on control of sediment loss. 


We can help you:

  • Complete your Farm Environment Plan

  • Work out your greenhouse gas numbers 

  • Complete your nutrient budget

  • Identify areas of funding that can cover some of your on-farm costs

  • Identify alternative land use options that can increase your revenue streams while meeting your regulatory requirements and benefiting the environment

  • Become registered in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

  • With advice on areas suitable for various types of tree planting that can qualify for registration

  • Complete and supply mapping files required as part of the registration process. 


We also have industry connections who specialise in the ETS and forestry and can provide further expert advice and guidance on plantation forestry and the ETS.

Our Services

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