Farm Environment Plans

Farm Environment Plans can also be known as Land and Environment Plans, Farm Plans, and Environment Plans with the variation due to the particular focus and content of each plan.  

At HLM we have completed many such plans for landowners throughout the country.The one thing these all have in common is they are designed specifically for each landowner to address their specific needs and requirements.These are living documents that capture the goals of each landowner. They identify, describe, and quantify their natural and manmade resources such as soil types, land classes, land cover, waterways, wetlands and infrastructure. They assess the natural resources and current land management and then set out an action plan in association with the landowner to map out a path to achieve their land use goals.This can be a simple as a waterway protection plan and meeting regulatory requirements through to land use diversification options such as horticulture, forestry, biodiversity protection and enhancement, manuka planting for honey production and ETS options.Whatever level of plan you require we are here to help you identify your land use options and put a plan together that will help you achieve your goals and meet your regulatory requirements.

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