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About Hanmore Land Management

Based in Northland, Hanmore Land Management provides land management services including Highly Productive Land assessments and Fresh Water Farm Plans for New Zealand landowners.  

Since 2006, we have been helping landowners realise the potential of their land and properties, manage their resources and meet their regulatory requirements.


Our aim is to assist landowners to reach their land use goals by identifying and mapping their resources and helping to match their enterprise to those resources, all within current environmental and regulatory constraints.  

Our People


Ian Hanmore


Ian has lived in Northland for 45 years and has raised his family here. He grew up on a small farm near Whangārei and spent a lot of time in the outdoors - hunting, fishing, diving, and camping in the bush and on the coast in Northland. Spending time in the outdoors gave Ian a huge appreciation for the land and landscape of New Zealand, especially Northland, as well as an understanding of the importance of looking after it.


Ian began his career in Land Management as a consultant for Farm and Forest in 2006 and went on to complete a Master of Applied Science specialising in Natural Resource Management in 2007.  


Ian then contracted his services to AgFirst as a Land Management Consultant for the next 11 years, honing his skills in sustainable land management, land planning, resource mapping, nutrient management and GIS for data analysis and resource mapping. In 2014, he completed an Advanced Nutrient Management Certificate through Massey University and became an Approved Competent Mapper for the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry Erosion Susceptibility Classification.


In 2020 - 2022, Ia worked closely with 20 Māori Title Trusts in Tai Tokerau, supporting them as they work towards their environmental goals. This project has given Ian invaluable knowledge and understanding, working within Te Ao Māori to reflect a kaitiakitanga approach to the whenua.


In early 2021, Ian started Hanmore Land Management Ltd where he was able to continue to work with a number of different Māori trusts, from Northland to Waikato. He has helped to provide many different services, from Farm Environment Plans, Fresh Water Farm Plans and general mapping for rohe resources, to whole dairy farm paddock design, to beef grazing systems and everything in between. 


Ian is looking forward to supporting landowners in the Kaipara catchment to develop Sediment Reduction Plans over the coming years as part of the Kaipara Moana Remediation Programme


Ian currently lives on a 10.5ha lifestyle block east of Whangārei and also leases a bit of extra grazing land next door that allows him to run a small herd of breeding cows and some sheep. He’s an avid trail runner and loves hiking in the bush, he also still goes camping, fishing and free-diving in the same spots he did when he was younger. 

“I want to look after our land so my kid’s kids and their kids have the same privilege I did.”

Call 021 201 3441


Mitchel Hanmore

Batchelor of Applied Science – Environmental Management

Mitchel was born and raised in Northland and grew up on the family farm near Whangarei where he enjoyed being in the outdoors fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting.  Mitchel has also been a keen and accomplished sportsman representing his region in a number of different fields and being part of the New Zealand secondary schools under 19s football team.  His football dream took him to Nelson to play in the national league with the aim of heading overseas but unfortunately injury cut his career short in 2018.


In 2019 after returning to Whangarei Mitchel began a Batchelor of Applied Science degree majoring in Environmental Management.  In his final year in 2021 he worked part time for Hanmore Land Management before taking up a full-time position at the start of 2022.  Since then, he has become a field advisor for Kaipara Moana Remediation delivering Sediment Reduction Plans to landowners within the Kaipara catchment, is working with Kiwi Coast carrying out pest management in the Far North, completes paddock maps and develops cell grazing system, assists with soil and LUC mapping projects and is gearing up to deliver Fresh Water Farm Plans in the Northland Region.


Mitchel currently lives on a lifestyle block close to Whangarei with his wife and their dog and continues to enjoy the outdoors in the winterless North.  He is looking forward to developing his career and contributing to the sustainable management of the valuable natural resources in the region.

Call 020 4042 9807

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