Land Use Capability Mapping

The Land Use Capability system is a means of assessing the productivity of land based on five features: slope, soil type, parent rock, erosion and land cover.  Each region in the country has specific established classifications.

This type of land assessment is used in Fam Environment Plans and forms a key component of the plan.  It does however, have standalone applications such as land use diversification options and goes hand in hand with soil mapping.  It is also a required component of council reports identifying high class, elite, high producing soils as discussed under the soils section.  It has applications in the forestry industry where activities are restricted based on the land classes present (also farming and erosion control funding).  The maps that are used to determine classes of land across the country have been completed at a scale of 1:50,000 and are designed for regional applications.  As such their accuracy on land areas significantly smaller than this is severely diminished.  Landowners who wish to have their properties remapped at a more detailed scale to accurately reflect the land classes present allowing them potentially greater land use options can do so.  MPI have a list of suitably qualified approved mappers who can carry out this work, Ian Hanmore of HML is one of those mappers.  Using the LUC mapping system can help unlock the potential of land and help to increase land productivity but not at the expense of the environment or sustainability.  Along with soil mapping it is used to carry out due diligence when making a new land purchase or before undertaking a new land use/development venture.  This is particularly relevant now as significant investment and development is occurring in the horticulture sector specifically avocados and kiwifruit.  Before investing significant capital in a new venture, it makes sense to carry out due diligence and ensure the resources you have can support the enterprise you are wanting to undertake.  At HLM we have the expertise to assist you in making sound and informed decisions around land development opportunities and we have connections within the rural sector to experts who can assist with your specific development enterprises.

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