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Understand the full value and potential of your property

Based in Northland, we provide Land and Environmental Management Services throughout New Zealand.

At Hanmore Land Management, we know that each land block is different, with a unique combination of soils, land classes, natural resources, enterprises and management. With over 15 years’ experience, we will create an individualised management solution for your land.

We have the advice and expertise to help you to realise the potential of your land through identifying, quantifying and describing your resources, and matching your enterprise to those resources to help maximise your farm productivity within the current regulations.


We can help with:

  • Highly Productive Land assessments (HPL)

  • Fresh Water Farm Plans (FWFP)

  • Specialised soil and Land Use Capacity (LUC) mapping

  • Complete Farm Environment Plans

  • Accurate Paddock Maps

  • Design Grazing Cell Systems


Our Services.

Farm Environment Plans

Farm Systems




Farm Plans, Greenhouse Gases, Nutrient Management

Land Use Capability Mapping 

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